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Travel by Teaching Abroad

September 8, 2010

Currently I am busy preparing to leave the country for a couple of weeks (SEE – I practice what I preach) but I promise I’ll still find time to allay your travelling fears and enlighten you to all the many ways and array of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, or just your city.

First up, one of my favorite blogs showcases an awesome way to travel the world – all the while getting getting paid to do so!



I love this blog because Nikitta travels extensively and blogs regularly! A teacher currently living in Hong Kong by way of Canada, Nikitta has lived in France and Mexico teaching and has picked up other languages along the way *She’s currently learning German with a lot of help from her native tongue speaking beau*


* Long vacations equal more time to explore your new home and nearby (or faraway) places

* No taxes: Or should I say a tax-free salary. Depending on where you go, your housing, utilities, insurance and air tickets can be covered by your institution and you aren’t charged income tax. That leaves more money to save and/or spend on travel, play, and just good LIVING!
** Your buying power goes up when your expenses go down**

* Good Pay: Salary depends on where you teach, however your pay will probably stretch further and allow for a pretty comfortable lifestyle. Those with more advanced qualifications can reasonably be expected to be paid on the higher end.

* Opportunity to learn a new language: What better way to learn a new language by being submerged in a totally different culture for a year or more. To speed up the process you can take classes, hire a tutor, befriend locals and practice on them, or even exchange English lessons for [insert cool and exotic language here] lessons

* Barrier to entry: If you want to teach English and can read my blog posts you automatically meet half of the qualifications for this job, but English isn’t the only sought after subject: Math, Social Studies, English, ESL, administrative positions, Library, Coordinators, Music, Art, PE, etc. Normally though you will have to take classes, past tests and get TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certifications as well as have a degree to seriously compete against the other applicants and widen your options.

* The men: This will be a point in every travelling blog post – just a heads up! As a black woman teaching abroad it is not unlikely for you to be in the minority. That means you’ll probably stick out and get loads of attention. But you’ll be able to use this to your advantage and catch the eye of a hottie and hopefully new language buddy/partner.


How to do it:

International recruitment fairs, online job sites like, visit online forums and messageboards and ask others how they were able to find their jobs, google “ESL jobs,” “jobs overseas,” or “jobs teaching abroad” and sites that will help you polish your CV to vamp up your appeal.

If you have ever taught abroad or want to add to the conversation with benefits, and ways **tips/tricks** to go about doing so, please feel free to share!


Teaching English Abroad: Teach Your Way Around the World! (Teaching English Abroad, 5th ed)

Tefl: Learn How You Can Teach English as a Foreign Language, Live Abroad & Save 2,000+ a Year!: How to teach Esl abroad, get that Efl job, find out … Tesl & teaching English as a Second Language2,000+ a Year!: How to teach Esl abroad, get that Efl job, find out … Tesl & teaching English as a Second Language

How to Teach Abroad: A Guide to Opportunities Worldwide

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  1. September 12, 2010 3:39 am

    Wow! Thanks so much for featuring me! What an honour!
    Your blog is fantastic and so relevant- can’t wait to read more!

  2. March 23, 2011 11:53 am

    Hey the best part i like about the post is No taxes. I have been teaching abroad for quite some time now and it pays me enough to live pretty lavishly and moreover i just love what i do. 🙂

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