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Want to see more BW on the big screen? Here’s my BIG IDEA

November 5, 2010

I definitely want to see more Black Women and stories prominently featuring them on the big screen (in movie theaters) but knowing the cost and odds of getting a theatrical release for a movie I would definitely be willing to watch movies (new content) on my adequate computer screen (which I can hookup to my large flat screen television).


By no means does this mean that I will settle for anything; I will not be seeing For Colored Girls just because Black Women are the main characters. The types of movies I like to see are non-formulaic romantic comedies (is that an oxymoron? Think more 500 Days of Summer, less of Ghost of Girlfriends Past) and romantic dramas that are not too heavy. When I drive to the theater, search forever for a parking spot and pay $12 for a movie, I want to leave in a good mood – not depressed, disturbed, outraged or any other crazy feelings. I like to leave the theater moved, hopeful, satisfied and happy about the entire experience.

However, the hardest part of making a *good* movie is coming up with a *good script*. Now, I am all about solutions, being the change you want to see and action so, my BIG IDEA (DRUMROLL PLEASE) is this…

 Why not find good BOOKS (could be interracial romance books or not) – but books with a good solid plot and story and turn these books into movies. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to option a book for a hefty upfront fee – but partnerships with authors can be formed on the backend. The movies would be made with a fairly low budget – but with RED cameras and all the technology at our fingertips you don’t need millions to have a quality product (JUST CHECK OUT BREAKING UPWARDS – a indie film that was shot digitally with professional actors for $15,000 and was picked up by a major distributor, IFC. The movie is visually amazing and of course it helps that the script is character based which removes the added cost of lots and lots of locations).


This is a viable plan to releasing 5 or more movies per year, and as I personally know I want to see more movies with Black Women (infront of and behind the camera) that are not downtrodden, abused and the like, who actually end up with a happy ending *Waiting to Exhale anyone?* – I am sure many other women feel the same way. In other words I believe there is a large market void that we can’t wait for other people to fill.

 I’m tired of waiting on Hollywood and other people who have clearly demonstrated their disinterest in Black Women although our dollars are powerful. We can make *GOOD* movies – for us, by us and of course anyone else who wants to enjoy it- none of the coonery and foolishness that are far too commonplace the only available option. Furthermore, we will be creating jobs to give creative Black women opportunities to show their stuff/gain experience and introduce fresh faces/talent besides the same five Black actors that are cast in everything. The authors would be able to have their stories reach more people and be able to make a living from their art.

 These movies would be available for an affordable price online (rent to stream/download /and live screenings) as well as offline (dvd/television licensing/ and of course the original book!) If the demand is high enough we can four wall theaters or take the film on a theatrical tour like many independent filmmakers have successfully done in the past.

So, this is my current project and goal as I am interested in filmmaking and am starting a production company to make this idea a reality. If you have a book (you don’t necessarily have to be the author) you would like to recommend that you would love to see be made into a movie – post it in the comments section along with a brief synopsis of the plot (no spoilers) – and your general feedback is much appreciated.

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  1. jubilee permalink
    March 17, 2011 9:59 pm

    though i never seen it–I would love to see black women in WESTERN WEAR–my dream years ago was to see a Roy Rogers, Dale Evans type of black couple that were married—-sigh–it always seemed that Black=Urban even though it wasn’t true in reality—Hollywood just made it so…

  2. jubilee permalink
    March 17, 2011 10:01 pm

    to add–it’s kinda sad that the Westerns or western themed (McCloud) movies arent in vogue today……

  3. April 15, 2011 10:35 pm

    Keep us up to date on your progress. I’m @actsoffaithblog on Twitter.

  4. November 19, 2011 11:17 pm

    Your idea is great! I’d definitely support this kind of cinema.

  5. November 20, 2011 2:54 am

    Rosyln Hardy Holcomb writes great books that could work well on screen.

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